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Online directory of ICT-based services for informal carers

This online directory publishes ICT-based services for informal carers, to ensure the dissemination of existing good practices and to raise awareness about them among end-users (i.e. carers and older people) and stakeholders.

ICTs initiatives can provide different services for enhancing: Independent living, information and learning for carers, personal support and social integration, care coordination.

On the right you can find four boxes labelled according to the main objective of the technology used by the services. Each box contains all the initiatives based on these technologies.

This online directory is the result of the researches carried out by the JRC-IPTS of the European Commission since 2008, and mainly in the analysis of good practices of the CARICT project.

This directory has been developed through a project coordinated and funded by JRC-IPTS of the European Commission and carried out by a consortium composed of :