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Andalusian Telecare Service (in Spanish Servicio Andaluz de Teleasistencia; SAT) »

The Andalusian Telecare Service (in Spanish Servicio Andaluz de Teleasistencia; SAT) is an initiative sponsored by the Regional Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare of the Andalusian Government. It is a personal monitoring system, based on new technologies, to immediately support in any case of needs (information, help in case of emergency situation, or just for conversations), loneliness and isolation of its target users, mainly older dependent people and people with disabilities and indirectly...

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Being Carers-Ser Cuidador »

"Ser Cuidador" is a website created to recognise and increase the social awareness about dependence, disability and care related issues in Spain providing different services (e.g. help, prevention, contacts and links), tools for the interaction among carers and/or care professionals (e.g. blogs and forum), documents, research materials, training and useful information to support informal and formal carers. The portal was promoted by the Spanish "Red Cross" in collaboration...

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One Caregiver Two lives-Un cuidador dos vidas »

UN CUIDADOR DOS VIDAS addresses informal carers, providing information and supporting their cared for dependent older people. The initiative was set up by "Obra Social Fundacion la Caixa" de Barcelona, a non-profit foundation, in collaboration with public local autonomous governmental authorities and CEAFA (Spanish Confederation of associations of relatives with Alzheimer) within a Spanish national program “Support to the family carers” focusing on dependent people to recognise...

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ACTION (Assisting Carers using Telematics Interventions to meet Older people’s Needs) grown from a EU project funded between 1997 and 2000. From 2000 the initiative has been further developed thanks to additional national research and development (R&D) funding in Sweden. A critical step towards the service implementaiton was the partnership between the University of Boras and Telia Sonera, the largest telecommunication operator in Sweden, in 2003. The second one was the decision by Boras...

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ALADDIN was a home care ICT system with information and services to monitor health conditions of older people, provide socialization and cognitive stimulation for people with dementia and finally, support and relief for their carers. It used an integrated platform to assess patients from a distance and manage the data in order to facilitate personalised interventions and adaptive care. It focused on prevention of risk factors rather than on medical interventions, after symptoms and diseases have...

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Alzheimer Blog »

The Alzheimer Blog was set-up by the German Alzheimer Society Charity in 2008, as an additional service with a web site and counselling phone number for carers of older people affected by Alzheimer disease and other forms of dementia. The main aim of the initiative is to give help and support for people with dementia and their family, friends and neighbours. It offers carers a chance to meet and to share caring related difficulties. The blog contains narratives of people suffering from dementia,...

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Alzheimer Foundation of Spain-SAF- Fundacion Alzheimer Espana _FAE »

The Spain Alzheimer Foundation -SAF (Foundacion Alzheimer Espana -FAE in Spanish) offers different services to people suffering from Alzheimer and their formal and informal caregivers, in particular an online platform (Moodle) to develop and deliver trainings, group support, orientation and counselling for carers and family members and cognitive stimulation for old people living with Alzheimer’s. The SAF is a nonprofit organization that was created in July 1991 by a group of families...

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Alzheimer relatives Austria (Alzheimer Angehörige Austria ) »

Alzheimer Angehörige Austria is a self-help group for families of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It launched its website in 2002 to provide care-related information and suggestions for people with Alzheimer and particularly for their carers. It provides information on legal and financial matters (e.g. care allowance), counselling services, as well as care-related literature and lectures. It also provides contact addresses of local Alzheimer self-help groups. The initiative...

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AREÍON EMERGENCY CARE is a user equipment enabling two-way voice communication in case of emergency calls: it reaches old people and disabled persons as well, helping them living independently and their family indirectly, as it may lighten the carers’ burden. The admission to the service can be alternatively based on the opinion of regional and municipal social departments; in many cases service is provided at their request. The initiative receives resources from private sponsors...

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Body Guard »

The Body Guard is an emergency alarm and its ICT services are based on a landline or mobile phone, with personal data and case history stored in the operator’s centre. The service described in this case-study works thanks to a simple touch of the SOS button of a device worn around the neck or the wrist, that alerts the emergency centre in case of an emergency,  The emergency alert contains the location of the device through the enabled GPS receiver. If the GPS receiver is turned off,...

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