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Platform for family carers (‘Plattform für pflegende Angehörige’) »

The platform for family carers (Plattform für pflegende Angehörige) is a website which is run by the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (BMASK), and was established by the BMASK's predecessor. In 2006 with a budget of about 26,000 euros. The platform was added to the already existing Pflegetelefon (care hotline), with the main aim to elevate the quality of care by providing informal carers with useful information to reduce...

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Residence for seniors (Maisons Vill'Âge) »

The "Maisons Vill'Âge" residences were specially designed and purposefully built to facilitate domestic living of older people through teleassistance and domotics. The initiative, that involves mainly private care organizations, is promoted by the MEDeTIC association. Its main target group are 65-85 years old people who can and want to live more or less autonomously in such a setting; and may or may not want to use certain caring services of the numerous services offered...

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The SALVEO system is composed of a network of sensors wirelessly connected to a small base station. Several motion sensors detect and assess the older user's movements, and in case of a presumed emergency situation the system can alert the carer(s) automatically, without the need of the user's intervention, like pressing a button. Carers also have access to a web portal which informs them of the older person’s real-time state. The service aims at improving the quality of life...

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Sekis: Selbsthilfe Kontakt und Informations Stelle (Self-help and Information Site) »

SEKIS ( is a Self-help Contact and Information system focused on chronically ill and impaired people living in and around Berlin. The SEKIS website serves as a platform for requests of people concerned with care-related problems and as a means to make contact and to exchange information and experience. The website was launched by SEKIS Berlin, which is run by a citizens association ("Dachverband der Berliner Selbsthilfekontaktstellen selko e.V.") and supported...

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ShareCare Caresite »

The Caresite is a handy tool for care planning and communication among carers, provided by ShareCare, that is a company that makes arrangements with home care companies, assisted living organizations, health insurances, hospitals and organizations for social welfare. Caresite is a virtual calendar available on the web that carers can use for inviting people to read and share news, view care tasks and contribute to caring. All members registered on the same care network can then subscribe to a

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SOPHIA (Soziale Personenbetreuung Hilfen in Alltag – Daily Social Care) Telecare »

SOPHIA is a non-profit association that combines social support with a security wristband to send help in emergencies. It also provides the possibility of using a videophone to contact the SOPHIA team or family anytime. The initiative is funded by the German federal government, the regional government of Bavaria and by charities. The Sophia pilot phase started in 2004. When it ended in 12/2004 the business immediately started in 1/2005. No budget was needed to implement the initiative. The...

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T-Seniority »

T-Seniority was an innovative ICT service platform aiming at empowering older people’s independent living, meeting their needs and improving independence. The project targeted formal and informal carers and older people reluctant, unwilling or unable to use conventional PCs and/or mobile phones, who however were able to use TV Set-top Box (STB), a TV connected with a remote control. Users in front of a TV screen chose among different options of public or personalized services: they...

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Telegerontology-Telegerontología »

"Telegerontology" ("Telegerontología" In Spanish) was created in 2005 thanks to the evolution of the classic tele-assistance tools with an initial budget between €10,000 and €50,000. The aim was to facilitate ageing in place, to avoid early institutionalisation, to improve the quality of life of older people at home, to reduce the burden of informal carers and to improve their skills, knowledge and competencies. "Telegerontology" is a new free...

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Telephone Befriending Scheme »

Telephone Befriending Scheme (TBS) is a service that gives advice and reassurance by phone to mostly older carers who have demanding caring roles. It is supported by the Leicestershire County Council. The scheme is run by volunteer operators (often carers themselves) who provide signposting to other services offered by the local authority; all volunteers are equipped with useful telephone numbers and contact details of Carers Project Workers and other key members of staff. It has been approved...

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The Caring TV-HyvinvointiTV »

HyvinvointiTV (The Caring TV) is a Finnish provider of interactive TV-programmes, activity and information services broadcast online via video conferencing and other technical platforms and delivered via the television. In addition, there is a two way videophone to contact other older users and/or their formal and informal carers. It is also possible to attend supervised activity sessions, interactive talk shows and meetings with experts. The service was developed by Laurea University of Applied...

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