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IPPI is a call-centre service with an online information centre and an educational handbook for carers developed by Carers Sweden. Its main aim is to provide information and support, through a simple interface that requires no ICT literacy, to informal carers and/or older people, in addition to assisting health-care providers by facilitating contact with their care recipients. On February 2014 there were between 300 and 1,000 users. AMIGO, added in 2008, is a combined ICT support service for...

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Just Checking »

Just Checking (JC) is an electronic monitoring system requiring no active input from the cared for elderly person being monitored, with small, wireless sensors located in the main rooms of the house which are triggered as a person moves around; data from the sensors are gathered by the controller (a small box), and sent to the Just Checking web-server via a mobile phone which is incorporated in the controller, so that informal and formal carers can monitor the information. The service mainly...

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Learning for Living »

Learning for Living is an Internet-based course on everyday caring functions for carers run by City & Guilds (, the leading provider of vocational qualifications in the UK. The course leads to a nationally recognised (level2) formal qualification called ‘Certificate in Personal Development and Learning for Unpaid Carers’. The course was funded by affiliate organisations such as local authorities and colleges. Launched in 2004, by 2009 approximately...

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Leeds City Council Telecare Service »

Leeds Telecare is a service that supports older and vulnerable people in living safely and independently in their own home monitoring people 24-hours a day through the use of an alert system which sounds if the sensor detects any problems. Telecare builds upon the existing Care Ring pendant alarm system to offer added security in the home. Sensors are discreetly placed around the house on ceilings, doors and walls or may be worn by the service user in the form of a pendant, watch or

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LifeSensor »

LifeSensor was a product of InterComponentWare AG (ICW) in Walldorf, Germany. This was a tool for everybody in need of care, in particular old people, who would like to be monitored and continue living independently, but also for formal and informal carers to maintain the quality and continuity of care. It helped to fill gaps in knowledge or care provision because it was possible to connect all the institutions and people involved to exchange relevant information concerning the person in need

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MKS – My Personal health care reminder »

My Personal Health Care Reminder is a supplementary internet support, that aims to help frail and functionally limited older people to live at home independently and to be self-confident. In addition, this service can benefit formal and informal carers, who are partially relieved from their care burden, since care recipients can manage some of their health problems.Offered services allow frail, old and disabled users to receive a reminder message, through voice mail by landline or mobile phone,...

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Mohanet (Vario Medcare/Vario Healthcare) »

Mohanet was established in 2006 and run by a private company in Hungary. The service, which costs either 2% of a person’s pension or €11/month, consists of mobile phone technology that allows emergency calls 24/7 and monitors vital signs to help older people, with cognitive problems, to live independently. At present there are 5.000 users. The initiative lives thanks to public and private funding: up to 2008 the service was free of charge and granted for all settlement with more...

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My Joice TV »

My Joice TV-telephone and TV-videophone allows both formal and informal carers to have a two-way audio and visual contact with elderly people with functional limitations, living at home alone. The service aims to increase the quality of life of these two groups of people by enhancing their social interaction in today’s information society. The main driver born from the experience of a middle aged son, caring for his mother following a stroke, who developed it in collaboration with the Ericsson...

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N@tzwerk pflege »

N@tzwerk pflege is an Austrian online counseling website addressed to informal carers (mainly family) provided by the catholic non-profit organization Caritas with a budget less than 10,000 euros. The initiative aims at relieving informal carers and privately hired carers (also migrant care workers), from their caring duties by allowing them to contact professional counsellors anonymously through the N@tzwerk pflege website. They can describe their situation and pose confidential questions....

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National Telecare Development Programme (TDP) »

The National Telecare Development Programme for Scotland was launched in August 2006 as a policy initiative to drive the adoption of telecare by local social and health care service providers. The initiative involves authorities at different levels (local, regional and national) and different social and health care services and professionals (General Practitioners, home care managers etc.) and offers tailored ICT-based support packages to carers and the people they care for, thus providing help...

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