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ECVC “Elderly Care Vocational Certificate” »

The ECVC “Elderly Care Vocational Certificate” is an e-training programme for formal, informal and migrant carers of older people in Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Spain and Hungary aiming at vocationally training them to achieve the “Elderly Care Vocational Certificate” in the Health and Welfare educational field, indirectly benefiting also care recipients. The training utilises the existing e-learning curriculum developed by the LdV ECV project ( in 2005-2007)...

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Életvonal 24 is an alarm device to be worn on the wrist or around the neck aiming at the independent living of older people with health problems and at reducing informal carers’ burden. Users wear a two way communication alarm, with a range of 60–90 metres (the maximum distance between the table-top device and the user), to alert their informal carers via a dispatcher on a previously given list. The service targets at older people and their informal carers and it was set up

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Emergency Alarm »

The Emergency Alarm is an ICT, 24/7, telecare emergency service established in 1994 and run by the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service (HMCS). The service consists of a wristwatch like device worn by older people that can alert a care centre . It is either free for some older people or costs a fee, depending on the pension and the local government regulations. However, the local government has only a certain number of devices and the demand is much greater. Thus, in justified cases, HMCS provides...

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Emergency Response LTD. »

Established in 1994 Emergency Response Ltd is Ireland's largest dedicated social monitoring alarm centre, providing telecare solutions that support independent living to 35,000 customers throughout Ireland (referring to 2010), the majority of whom are older people. In 2001 the service was acquired by the Tunstall Group who has operations in 30 Countries The telecare equipment provided targets specifically at people with dementia, who have a tendency to suffer falls, who have disabilities,...

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Equinoxe »

Since 1986, Equinoxe, a NGO, has provided telecare services to older people with cognitive and physical impairments, who live alone, but need constant supervision. It aims to support older people to live independently and safely. Its drivers are listening, supervision and geo-location to respond to its users’ needs. A social motivation was to offer a personalised service to respect each subscriber’s individuality. There are three main services: helpline, geo-location and telecare....

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Everon »

Everon is a privately held Finnish company. Its headquarters are located in SW Finland just outside of Turku, with offices near London, UK, Quebec City and Canada. It provides an intelligent wireless monitoring and alarm system suitable to a range of telecare and security applications for frail older people living at home and/or in care facilities..The company’s current business was started in Finland in 2007.The main target groups are not only frail older people with chronic illnesses,

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Fold Group-Housing with Care »

The initiative “Housing-with-care” was introduced to Northern Ireland in 1997, by Fold, a not-for-profit housing association, as part of its overall emphasis on service improvement and innovation, and care staff are available 24 hours a day in the association’s housing developments. Even before this, telecare was launched as far back as 1993 as part of Fold’s ongoing mission to develop innovative approaches to supporting older people with housing needs. Telehealth was launched...

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Healthtalkonline is an award-winning charity website that allows patients and their carers to share their experience of illness or health problems, to support informed decision making by providing reliable, evidence-based information. The service is run by the Database of Individual Patient Experience- DIPEx charity in collaboration with the Health Experiences Research Group (HERG) at the University of Oxford, that has the business objective to collect through in depth interviews, and analyse...

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HFT-Home Farm Trust »

Home Farm Trust (HFT) is a national charity providing long-term support for people with learning disabilities and their families to live the life they want to live, by taking the time to get to know them and their aims, and providing friendly support and expert advice where it’s needed, whether it’s with housing, jobs, money, or relationships. It offers a wide range of flexible services throughout the UK, including assistive technologies.HFT provides a number of basic training packages...

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Hilfswerk Notruf »

The Notruftelefon is a social alarm system provided and funded by the Austrian non-profit organisation Hilfswerk, enabling older people to call an ambulance in emergencies by pressing a button on a wristband. Users are required to pay a monthly rental fee from 25.40€ to 33.90€ plus the installation fee (21.80 €). Devices used are sensors, alarms and a simple wristband. The service supports older people to live independently and gives peace of mind to their family carers....

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