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Book your Own Breaks »

The locally run Book Your Own Breaks service was launched in May 2010. It is a secure marketplace for informal carers to book formal care support themselves rather than by phone although those who still want to do this can. The aim of the service is to provide a simple, innovative way of giving carers choice, flexibility and control in choosing breaks. Target users are informal and formal carers as well as cared for people. In addition it offers a service to care organisations which allows them...

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The CAMPUS project is an ICT initiative (initially funded by an Equal project) for care workers’ social and professional inclusion filling in the gap in providing education and training for migrant care workers in Italy. This training system aims at empowering/raising awareness on issues of long-term care and updating knowledge and skills of migrant care workers (MCWs), family carers and private care workers, in particular migrant care ones. The...

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Care Assistants Search Agency (C.A.S.A.) »

The Care Assistants Search Agency (C.A.S.A.) was an innovative Agency that aimed to match the increasing demand for long-term carers with qualified migrant care workers through an Internet platform. The more than 1000 users were migrant care workers, older people and local health and social services. The project was funded with €345,000 from the European Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals Community Actions. It was coordinated by the non-profit Consorzio Sociale COIN Società...

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Caregivers (Aidants Proches) »

Started in March 2011, Aidants Proches is a counselling service, based on a self-assessment, that provides information and support for French speaking Belgian informal carers, that can be accessed through the internet or the telephone. The purpose is to provide some respite, training and volunteer support to informal carers of old people living at home in order to alleviate carer burden, burnout and loneliness. The main driver was the pivotal role played by informal carers in the Belgian society...

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The AIDANTS Forum is part of the website. is an online magazine that supplies information, support, training and advice to older people, their families and their friends. Eternis SA has edited and for 10 years, in addition to editing the Aidants forum. The service uses a multidisciplinary approach involving different kinds of professionals, such as geriatricians and lawyers, who volunteer their time and involves public health,

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Caren »

Caren is a personal healthcare portal aiming to help informal and formal carers organise and coordinate assistance and share information, created by the NEDAP business unit Healthcare, which is a provider of technological solutions in different sectors ( The service is free-of-charge and privately financed with investments and revenue from other ICT services. There are more than 8,000 users, which are increasing. Carers either receive a login code by Caren...

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Carer+ »

Carer Plus- Developing digital competences of care workers to improve quality of life of older people” is a pilot project co-funded by the European Union and comprises partners from 8 European countries (France, Italy, Austria, United Kingdome, Latvia, Romania, Sweden and Belgium). It uses Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to improve the domestic quality of life of care recipients by providing services that foster independent living and training by means of smartphones...

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Carers Direct Helpline »

Since April 2009 Carers Direct Helpline is an online information service and a telephone helpline that aims at informing informal and formal carers on caring issues and rights and allowing them to share their personal experience. It is run and funded by the UK National Health Service. Among offered services there are a carers’ blog and an online forum, a help line with interpreters in more than 170 languages. Moreover advisers can be contacted live online or by email. To get started

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Carers in Hertfordshire »

In recent years, many local authorities have put in place web-based support for carers to promote telecare. Carers in Hertfordshire is one of these. Its mission is to highlight the important role telecare can play in social care. The service was set up in 1995 by the local volunteer organisation to use ICT to reach out to carers and support them in planning care support. Carers in Hertfordshire aims at providing quality services to all informal carers in the county of Hertfordshire by means of...

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Carers UK On-line Forum »

Carers Uk is a charity offering an online user friendly forum to overcome the social isolation of informal carers, offering peer-to-peer support and a virtual space for discussion and listening to each other. The project’s strategic aim is to support, advise and involve informal carers by means of a listening ear and promote contact with other informal carers. The motivations of the service are to provide informal carers with free help and a listening ear to help them care more effectively,...

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